10 Amazing Animals Having Quirky Features

10 Amazing Animals Having Quirky Features

Just like we humans have our quirks and strange behaviours, animals too have their own Y.A. Tittle Womens Jersey quirky characteristics which we might never get to know if not for this list.

1. Butterflies in the Amazon take care of their sodium requirements in the diet by drinking the tears of turtles.


2. This is for all Ben and Jerry’s lovers. The owners take the ethical treatment of their cows very seriously as they arrange for cows to be massaged too.


3. Shows featuring captive dolphins are banned in India as they believe that dolphins must be viewed as ‘non human persons’ given their intelligence and should thus have their own specific rights.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin - Stenella <a href=

Y.A. Tittle Youth Jersey Plagiodon” width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”size-medium wp-image-1111″ /> Atlantic Spotted Dolphin – Stenella Plagiodon

4. Another amazing incident that highlights the intelligence of dolphins; a lifeguard and his daughter found themselves being circled by a dolphin when swimming in the year 2004. Later the lifeguard noticed that a shark was below them and the dolphin, by circling around them, had driven the shark away.


5. One more incident highlighting the intelligence of animals, in this case a panda. When one panda noticed that pregnant pandas were being treated with special care, she too imitated their behaviour in order to get extra bamboo.


6. This might sound strange but did you know that a crocodile can also climb trees?


7. An unlikely species that hunts in packs using the same strategy that wolves do is the Harris hawks. These are the only raptors to do so.


8. Fireflies are highly efficient light producers in the world, even surpassing modern day light bulbs.


9. Just like human babies, baby sloths too love to cuddle, squeak and spend time clinging to their mothers for the first three to six months of their life. If separated, the babies make squeaking noise or cry out. And orphaned sloths in sanctuaries refuse to eat if they don’t have cuddle partners or teddy bears to cuddle.

Episode 3.  PICTURE SHOWS: Two baby two <a href=

Zane Beadles Jersey toed sloths hugging” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=”size-medium wp-image-1117″ /> Episode 3. PICTURE SHOWS: Two baby two toed sloths hugging

10. Spiders do not venture close to sleeping humans on purpose or for some reason because they do not feed on human blood.

white-tailed-spider (1)

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