10 Movie Trivia

10 Movie Trivia

There are numerous forms of entertainment for us humans, such as sports, reading, music, travelling. But nothing beats the popularity of movies. We all love the movies and some movie related trivia is fun to know.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, during the filming of the movie ‘Conan the Barbarian’ had to mellow down his workout because his chest and arm muscles were obstructing him properly wielding a sword given their huge size.

2. In 1983 Disney fired John Lasseter for his vehement insistence for computer animation. However in 2006 when Disney took over Pixar, he was given a signing bonus of $5 million along with a salary of $2.5 million and complete control animation projects of Disney.

3. The entire series of The Lord of The Rings trilogy received 800 award nominations and won 475 of them. Thus, it earned them the cinematic history‘s title of the most awarded movie series.

4. The foreign minister of Kazakhstan after a boom in its tourism sector thanked Sacha Baron Cohen for playing the titular character of Borat in the 2012 movie. Post the release of the movie, the country saw an increase in visas being by 10 folds.

5. Filmmakers can avail free services of a ‘science hotline’ provided by the National Academy of Science to encourage them to make more scientifically accurate films. Video and TV game projects can also avail this free service along with amateur as well as professional films.

6. For the promotion of the movie ‘Star Trek: the Force Awakens’ in China, Disney placed on the Great Wall of China approximately 500 stormtroopers.
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7. Disney initially wanted to Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey name the movie Aaron Rodgers Jersey Lion King as King of the Jungle’ but they renamed it after realising that lions don’t live in a jungle.

8. The Plaza Hotel was owned by Donald Trump when the movie ‘Home Alone 2’ was being filmed and he also made a guest appearance in a scene. In order for the actor Macaulay Culkin to slide across the hotel floor the carpeting from the Aaron Rodgers Kids Jersey lobby was removed and never replaced since Trump liked it better that way.

9. The Guinness World Record title for the highest grossing actor is held by Samuel L Jackson whose movies have made greater than $7.4 million.

10. The author of the book ‘Jaws’ spent the last decade of his career for the preservation of sharks. This was his way of repenting after the misinformation he spread about sharks via his book.

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