4 funny cartoon characterss hard to forget

4 funny cartoon characterss hard to forget

There are various cartoon characters that we are familiar with. But here are 4 of them which have made their own mark with their amazing personalities and cute appearance. Let’s have a look at these 4 famous funny characters:


Bugs Bunny


One can never forget about Bugs Bunny, who is very funny. The name of this cartoon character will definitely bring a smile on your face. Actually, Bugs Bunny is an animated character. It was created by the staff of Leon Schlesinger Productions (later became the Warner Bros. Cartoons). Mel Blanc was the person, who originally voiced the animated cartoon character. The cartoon character is well known for his carefree, flippant personality. Bugs Bunny knows how to use his wit; he is able to outsmart anybody, who usually antagonizes him, such as Witch Hazel, Elmer Fudd, Tasmanian Devil, The Crusher, Cecil Turtle and so on. Bugs always chews his carrot and says his catching phrase ‘Eh… What’s up, doc?”

Stewie Griffin of Family Guy


Family Guy is an American animated adult television series, which was made by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The television Brett Favre Authentic Jersey series focuses on the Griffins family.  The cartoon character of Stewie Griffin is voiced by the creator Seth MacFarlane. Stewie is the youngest child of the Griffin family. He is the youngest son of Lois and Peter Griffin. The breakout character of the show is Stewie. Moreover, the famous ‘Wizard Magazine’ had rated the breakout character as the 95th greatest villain. Stewie is a funny character, his age is one year old, he always talks to his teddy bear, Rupert, but Rupert is a non-living thing, Stewie don’t know to use a toilet in a proper way.

Tom and Jerry

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A kid, adult or a middle-aged person cannot erase the name of Tom and Jerry from their mind. The bonding of Tom and Jerry is awesome, Tom always try to capture Jerry, however Tom cannot get the mouse and then destruction follows along with the birth of some hilarious situations. Tom is a house cat. Both the cat and the mouse fight with each other, but their pair is a perfect combination for laughter. The house cat can catch the mouse very rarely as the latter is witty, lucky Brett Favre Kids Jersey and have cunning capabilities. In some episodes, both of their friendship is shown sometimes and in a few episodes they try hard to achieve a common goal together. Tom and Jerry is a very popular American animated series of several short films, made in 1940 by Joseph Barbera, Brett Favre Womens Jersey William Hanna. The series is mainly based on slapstick comedy.

Donald Duck


Donald Duck is another famous cartoon character. The funny cartoon character was made in 1934 at Walt Disney Productions. Donald Duck became popular because of the comedic roles in the animated cartoons. Donald suffers in his life due to his anger. However, his anger is a boon for him and aids him in the times of emergency too. The character will do anything to reach his goal and have tenacity.

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