4 Strange addictions One Needs To Be Aware About

4 Strange addictions One Needs To Be Aware About

We all are passionate about a few things in life. Some of us follow a hobby religiously or might indulge in some guilty pleasures from time to time. However at times, we tend to do a few things in such a way that it starts having a negative impact on us. At times we become obsessive about a few personal habits that we follow every day, and this with time, it turns out into an addiction if not checked and stopped on time.

Let us figure out about a few strange addictions which many may not believe, but is true.

• Shopping

Who does not love to shop Aaron Ripkowski Authentic Jersey and nothing could be more enjoyable than retail therapy right? However, oniomania which is more commonly referred to as shopaholism, is known to be a psychological disorder. Amongst teens as well as tweens, shopping seems to be quite a widespread and common addiction. Experts believe Aaron Ripkowski Jersey that this generally happens due to unresponsiveness or lack of concern from the parent’s side. When a child starts feeling left out they start turning to objects to Aaron Ripkowski Kids Jersey fill up their solitude or loneliness. While for an adult this nature may be regarded as compulsive buying disorder or CBD which generally leads towards debt, stress and guilt.

• Exercise

One of the most commonly found addictions in today’s time followed by omniomania is addiction towards exercise and is commonly noticed in youngsters or college students. Endorphins are released with swift bouts of arduous exercises which act on the opiate receptors of the system, releasing a sense of contentment, ecstasy and respite from pain. This way a person gets addicted to endorphin which becomes an obsessive habit. Thus, the person starts doing more and more exercises so as to reach the desired effect.

• Addiction towards Internet

Whether you can take this or not, this addiction has turned into a medical condition in the present day. It is referred to as Internet Addiction Disorder, Compulsive Internet Use or even as Problematic Internet Use. Believe it or not, addictions like these also come with withdrawal symptoms. If one is an Aaron Ripkowski Womens Jersey addict, it can impede severely with a person’s everyday normal activities as well as an individual’s work productivity.

• Eating Dirt

Geophagia which is also known as eating dirt is quite a wearisome and real disorder which came much into limelight after the world noticed the videos of Kristie Spinuzza in the famous television channel TLC. This particular addiction may occur due to nutritional shortage in the system, such as lack of calcium and iron or even due to any sort of psychological disorder. If unhindered or left unchecked for a long time, this may lead towards parasitosis or even poisoning.
One needs to be quite cautious and alert about these disorders. It might just start as a normal everyday activity conversely with time, might take a toll over you. These are strange obsessions and if you feel that you too are getting inclined towards any of it, it is time to get down on track and keep note of your activities.

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