8 tea facts you were probably unaware of

8 tea facts you were probably unaware of

Almost every one of us needs a cup of tea, everyday.  Now let us stride ahead and gather a few quick interesting facts about tea which many of us are unaware of.


After water, tea is the second most consumed drink across the globe.

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Puer tea, green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea are all derived from the very same plant that is, ‘Camellia Sinensis’.

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We come across different kinds of tea, only due to the different ways in which it has been processed. For example, when it comes to black tea, it is extremely oxidized, while in the case of white tea, it gets minimally processed. Even, the appearance of the tea and its taste vary greatly due to the way the tea has been processed.

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Herbal infusions are not regarded as tea in the first place. In fact, they are known as tisanes.

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When it comes to tea tasting, it is quite much similar to wine tasting. When we taste tea, we are Blake Martinez Kids Jersey trying to look into matters, such as the flavor of the tea, the way it feels in the mouth, the nose, the tannins, and well yes, you are also supposed to spit it once the process of tasting is over.

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The lesser the tea leaves are processed; Blake Martinez Womens Jersey the higher would be the percentage of antioxidant. This clearly signifies the fact that green tea has is filled with antioxidants, while white tea which is less processed has the maximum percentage of antioxidants, compared to the rest of tea types.

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When it comes to production of black tea, the process of withering, rolling, fermenting and firing of the leaves is involved which is Blake Martinez Youth Jersey effective in preserving the tea for a longer time period. These methods are used for safeguarding the tea and preventing it from rotting.

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Chinese people usually prefer tea which is less processed.

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