Are you aware of these 13 Interesting facts about insects?

Are you aware of these 13 Interesting facts about insects?

Almost everywhere in the world you will find different types of insects such as, bees, beetles, ants, fly, etc. They have three segments, head, thorax and abdomen. They have a pair of antenna, eyes and three pair of legs. And we are all aware of these facts. But are you aware of these 13 interesting facts?

The Hercules beetles have the capacity to raise 850 times their own weight which is equal to elating 10 elephants.

Hercules beetles

A raft spider spends most of its time in water Brett Hundley Womens Jersey and can easily live in water for than one hour Brett Hundley Youth Jersey by trapping air bubbles under its hairs on its body.

raft spider

Bees are very useful insects to human beings as they pollinate the plants and also collect honey for us. It takes 10 million trips to collect one pound of honey.


One of the biggest webs is spun by the golden orb-web spider and it makes the finest quality silk. The web is approximately 2 meters wide which helps them to catch butterflies, wasps and flies.


Crickets have ears on their legs while ears of moths are located in its mouths.

Brown cricket isolated on white

Australian tiger beetles are fast runners and violent hunters. They can run 9 kilometers in one hour when they are hunting.

Australian tiger beetles

Midges can thump its wings much quicker compared to other creatures. They can beat their wings 1000 times in a second.


The army ants travel in large groups and attacks animals on their way. Their sting is very deadly which can kill an animal.

army ants

The Ladybird eats approximately 5000 aphids during their lifetime; this is why they are considered to be the best friends of gardeners.


The death stalker scorpions which are found in Africa and the Middle East are extremely dangerous. Bryan Bulaga Authentic Jersey Their venom can kill small animals and insects.

death stalker scorpion

Only the Praying Mantis can turn its head to 180 degrees and no other insects can do this.

praying mantis

There are estimated 1.4 billion insects on Earth.

Belgica Antarctica

The Bryan Bulaga Jersey only native insects which are found in Antarctica are Belgica Antarctica.

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