Bizarre Foods That Are In the Diet Chart of The Indians

Bizarre Foods That Are In the Diet Chart of The Indians

Indian cuisine is a reflection of its culture and tradition. It does not count in any other general cuisine. It is not in the Chinese cuisine or in the Mughlai cuisine. And this is why the cuisine of India has an extremely different flavor. It is a mixture of different tastes of different states. Indian cuisine has a variety of different spices and surprises and it is proud of its robust flavors and mind blowing tastes of the foods. Here are the names of some bizarre foods that sound really weird, but are in the diet chart of the Indians in different states.

1. The famous chutney of red ants in Chhattisgarh

The great chutneys of Indian subcontinent can make any boring food taste like heaven. Indians have a number of chutneys in their everyday diet chart. Mango chutney, papaya chutney, fruit chutney, and harry chutney and so on. But this particular chutney of red ants is a famous dish in Chhattisgarh that is a must try for every tourist. This red hot chutney is called chap rah. This chutney comes from the wilderness of the Batsar in Chhattisgarh. The chutney is made from red ants and their eggs. The ants are first crushed and then they are mixed up with salt, spices, and sweeteners. But beware of one fact. The chutney is spicy so much Aaron Rodgers Womens Jersey that it can put your tongue on fire. The ants contain formic acid. The people of Chhattisgarh believe that it has some kind of medical qualities. The local people of Chhattisgarh will tell the visitors that the red ant’s chutney is not just a dish but it is an adventure.
2. Hyderabad and lucknowee paya
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In the language of Hindi or Urdu paya means feet. It is actually a kind of curry which is made by the hoof of some kind of animal, like Bart Starr Authentic Jersey cow, buffalo, goat or lamb.
It takes so much time to be cooked. Usually the people of Hyderabad prefer to cook it during the night because it takes an overnight to be cooked. It is Bart Starr Jersey a traditional dish which was cooked over coal. It is actually a kind of lesser meat with a unique flavor.

3. The famous street snack in Pune is tilli

The aroma test of this street snack of Pune is amazing. A tilli actually refers a spleen especially a buffalo’s spleen. It is marinated with mild spices and roasted char. Tillie is mostly favored by the people who are non-vegetarian. Tillie contains great source of iron.

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