The 11 Most Famous Inventions Conferred to Wrong People

1. The Phone That Alexander Graham Bell is the inventor would be the response of the majority. But in all honesty who invented the telephone was Antonio Meucci , who filed a provisional patent for scarce resources and had to find a sponsor in 1873 , the latter sent a sketch to a working laboratory where Alexander Graham Bell, who had access to these. In 1875 Graham Bell attributed […]

The 10 Smaller Animals World

1. The Dog World’s smallest: 12.4 cm Ducky weighs 1.4 pounds (630 grams) and is 12.4 cm high. It’s a Chihuahua who lives in Charlton Brandon Fusco Youth Jersey Massachusetts and holds the Guinness Record s being the dog world’s smallest. However, Ducky is not the dog smaller than has existed since that honor goes to a dwarf Yorkshire measuring 2.8 inches in height (7.1 inches). 2. The World’s Smallest Snake: 10.1 […]

Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2010

As usual every year TorrentFreak published a list of the top ten movies downloaded or pirated 2010. The most pirated movie of this year has been, of course, ‘Avatar’. 1. Avatar – 16 000 580 000 downloads The film, which according to many experts, changed the way we see the effects in film special. The film about race Na’vi, directed by James Cameron, made ??a splash in the […]

10 Most Expensive and Exclusive Private Islands of the World

The private islands have always been the mark of one who is truly rich, and the dream of almost everyone. Maybe it’s not so much the property itself, but by the idea of being able to buy. 1 -. Isla de sa Ferradura (33,000,000 Euros)  Located a few miles from the island of Ibiza , the island was sold for […]