Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2010

As usual every year TorrentFreak published a list of the top ten movies downloaded or pirated 2010. The most pirated movie of this year has been, of course, ‘Avatar’. 1. Avatar – 16 000 580 000 downloads The film, which according to many experts, changed the way we see the effects in film special. The film about race Na’vi, directed by James Cameron, made ??a splash in the […]

The 10 Best Places of the World Where You Can Dive

One of the activities most beautiful, the diving and although it may seem to always see the same dip our heads in the deep sea , the reality is that every place is special and different . 1 -. Diving in Belize The Belize Diving is wanted Matt Barkley Kids Jersey by unfinidad of tourists from all over the world, traveling for the beautiful beaches , but even better! The Incredibles Reef Coral . 2 – […]

Top 10 Rock Bands of History

This time we list the top 10 rock bands in history . Major bands with many followers as Kiss , Rolling Stones and other bands more. 1 – Status Quo With hits like Whatever You Want , Rockin ‘All Over The World And Caroline , this is one of the most legendary bands of the server has a memory and it is well deserved to be in the top 10. […]

The 10 Best Super Heroes of History

Well today I wanted to present you a list quite nice I think, these are the 10 best and biggest super heroes in history. So here we go. 1 – Deadpool This hero created in the early 90’s by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza for the Marvel Comic’s came first in the 90th edition of the collection New Mutans in 1991 was nicknamed Merc Joe Williams Youth Jersey with […]