Are you aware of these 13 Interesting facts about insects?

Almost everywhere in the world you will find different types of insects such as, bees, beetles, ants, fly, etc. They have three segments, head, thorax and abdomen. They have a pair of antenna, eyes and three pair of legs. And we are all aware of these facts. But are you aware of these 13 interesting […]

8 tea facts you were probably unaware of

Almost every one of us needs a cup of tea, everyday.  Now let us stride ahead and gather a few quick interesting facts about tea which many of us are unaware of. After water, tea is the second most consumed drink across the globe.

Top 10 World Airports

As every year, the Airports Council International (ACI), has revealed the results of its survey of Quality of Service that is reflected in a ranking of the best airports in the world. 1. – Hong Kong Airport The International Airport of Hong Kong is the main airport serving the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong in China. Opened in June 1998 , is next to the Libyan Great […]

Includes from a luxurious mansion on the French Riviera, one on the Australian coast, a mansion in the English countryside and even one on one island in French Polynesia . 1. – Bran Castle – $ 135 million This castle is a medieval fortress Hungarian though locallizado in Transylvania (Romania) has great tourist attraction for its relation to the novel Dracula. It was built around 1212 and allegedly Bram Stoker used this castle as […]