Top 10 Longest Rivers of the World

1. – Amazonas (7,020 km) river is a great American , and is the longest river across the globe and carries him only a fifth of the river water on the planet. Tour the largest rainforest in the world, distinguished by the generic name of Amazon or Amazon one of the world’s natural wonders. Is concentrated mostly in Brazil , but it reaches Colombia , Bolivia and Peru . More […]

The 10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomena

The natural phenomena   are changes in nature that happens on its own. And here we see the most impressive and curious phenomena of our planet . 1. Aurora Borealis The aurora is a glow that appears in the night sky , usually in polar areas. For this reason some scientists call it (“northern lights” or “aurora polaris” ). In the northern hemisphere is known as “Northern Lights” , and in the southern hemisphere and “aurora australis” , […]

The 10 Most Expensive Car Accident in History

The accident automobile are the order of the day, these accidents have been those who have wasted more money to causes and that driving one of these exclusive models. 1. Ferrari 250 GTO (10,000,000 Euros) It was purchased at a auction , but this time it was the negligence of the driver that caused him to lose so much money for mere forgetfulness. I imagine your next car escarmentaría […]

The 10 Most Mysterious Rare Objects

The only explanation that can be given to some of the objects prints are discovered extraterrestrial visitation , travelers in time or lost Eli Harold Womens Jersey civilizations like Atlantis . 1. Coso Artifact We are located at 1961 , in Olancha (California – USA). Tres coopropietarios a mineral shop prospectaban the Coso Mountains , where geode found something peculiar, the outside of the pocket was hardened clay with fragments of fossilized […]