The 9 Sexy Reasons to Visit Brazil

We perform a selection of the representatives more famous and beautiful of Brazil . Most stands wearing lingerie on the runways of Victoria ‘s Secret. 1. – Adriana Lima Ranked fourth in the list of models better paid , as Forbes , with revenues of 6 million per year. She was discovered at age 13 in a mall. Two. – Raica Oliveira He has been a model of Christian Dior. since 2000 , has appeared on the […]

10 Etiquette Rules For Meetings That Every Professional Should Know

Even if you dread them, meetings put you in front of coworkers and bosses who you may not work with on a regular basis. That means how you conduct yourself in them may leave a lasting impression. Is it acceptable to eat during a meeting, or check your phone? Should you be the person asking […]

The 10 Most Expensive Places to Live World

Here the list of places with high levels of life , places where there is much money and where he also spent a lot of money. 1. Hong Kong Hong Kong’s financial heart shines Asia , in addition to its neon, for their prices . The rent an average of $ 4,248 , the coffee exceeds $ 5.7 and fuel the $ 1.8 . Yes, junk food is very cheap ($ 3.35 menu) and keep […]

The 10 Most Powerful Families of Universal History

Maybe not at them literally blue blood through the veins, but these families are considered some of the most powerful and important in the history. This is a list of 10 most powerful families. 1. Rothschild family is a dynasty of German Jewish origin that established throughout Europe. Your success begins with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who lived from 1744 to 1812 and decided to keep its business exclusively in the family. Even their marriages […]