The 10 Most Weird Food Festivals

Knowing that food occupies an important place in the world. Now it is his turn now to the 10 festivals related to food more strangers around the world stage. 1. Tomatina (Buñol, Spain) This festival held in the town of Valencia to Buñol, has been gaining more and more followers since it was officially opened in 1950. Who does not know, just say it’s a party where one day […]

10 Most Expensive and Exclusive Private Islands of the World

The private islands have always been the mark of one who is truly rich, and the dream of almost everyone. Maybe it’s not so much the property itself, but by the idea of being able to buy. 1 -. Isla de sa Ferradura (33,000,000 Euros)  Located a few miles from the island of Ibiza , the island was sold for […]

The 10 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

The fragrances were created as offerings to the gods and the first perfume specialists were naturally priests and religious. Since then they have made ??millions of fragrances of all types and odors . 1 -. Imperial Majesty, Clive Christian (€ 12000/onza) This exclusive fragrance woman has the honor of being the fragrance . most expensive in the world is presented in a luxurious glass container signature Baccarat , inlaid with white diamonds and fragments of […]