Interesting Food Facts

Interesting Food Facts

Food is the basis for survival of all living beings whether bacteria, insects, animals or humans. However it is just us humans who are particular about cooking food, particular about taste and ingredients. This has given rise to a number of interesting facts about food and experiments with it. Below are a few fun food facts which will take you by surprise.

1. Do you know how were potato Zane Beadles Authentic Jersey chips invented? An angry chef, in his endeavor to appease one of his customers, invented it! The customer repeatedly asked for thinner fried potatoes.


2. If you want to remember what you studied or want to ace the exam, have a chocolate beforehand as it helps increase chances of understanding.


3. If you thought burgers were friendly on the pocket, think again, as the most expensive burger, called the ‘Glamburger’ costs $1768.
glamburgerZane Beadles Womens Jersey width=”300″ height=”180″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-1123″ />

4. More fun facts on the humble hamburger. The number of people who have passed with a degree in hamburgerology from McDonald’s Hamburger University is over 80,000.

5. Have Zane Beadles Youth Jersey you wondered why hungry kids are crankier? That is because serotonin levels drop when hungry and in turn gives rise to emotions, like anger, anxiety, stress and sadness.

6. The Japanese, after being introduced in the 1600s to chili pepper, used it for the first 100 years to warm their feet by putting it in their socks instead of eating.

7. The size of vegetables grown in Alaska becomes gigantic in size as they are exposed to close to 20 hours of sunlight in the day.

8. Have you heard of the fruit pineberry? It is like a white strawberry in appearance that tastes like a pineapple.

9. Bottled water has expiration dates printed on but were you aware that the date is not for Zane Beadles Kids Jersey the water but for the bottle.

isolated image of  bottled water flowing

isolated image of bottled water flowing

10. Did you know that food tastes better when eaten with people you like?

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