The 10 Actors Who Seem to Virtual Heroes

The 10 Actors Who Seem to Virtual Heroes

There are stars of film that seem born to portray the protagonists of video games …


1 -. Gerard Butler – Nathan Drake, Uncharted protagonist, is an attractive hero and sly . Perfect for the Scottish Gerard Butler paper, but unfortunately Mark Wahlberg has done with the character. .


2 – Eric Clapton – Gordon Freeman The protagonist of Half-Life is exactly like Eric Clapton , but we doubt that the great singer is the work passed to thecinema . .


3 – Clint Eastwood – John Marston is clear that the most important cowboy history of cinema has been the role model with John Marston, the protagonist of essential Red Dead Redemption . .


4 – Sam Elliott -Revolver Kyle Juszczyk Kids Jersey Ocelot Cuesta distinguish the veteran actor Sam Elliott of Revolver Ocelot, the feared gunslinger and antagonist in the series Metal Gear Solid . .


5 – Batista – Marcus Fenix ??Only one wrestler like Batista has the physical need to become Marcus Fenix The strong protagonist of the Gears of War saga .

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6 -. Dolph Lundgren – Duke Nukem Now that Gearbox Software last return to consoles the great Duke Nukem would be a good time to ask Dolph Lundgren to give you life in the big screen. They’re two of a kind! .


7 – Djimon Hounsou – Kratos Kratos is the antihero of Logan Paulsen Authentic Jersey the series God of War . Muscular, threatening brutal, both as actor and model Djimon Hounsou.


8 – Vladimir Mashkov – Niko Bellic. Grand Theft Auto IV was a clear reference to Niko Bellic : actor Vladimir Mashkov, which we have seen in the movie ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ . .


9 – George Clooney – Sam Fisher, a secret agent who has starred in the series Splinter Cell would have its perfect counterpart in the charismatic George Clooney . .


10 – Chris Evans – Chris Redfield Performer of Resident Evil 5 and the upcoming Captain America are not only Logan Paulsen Womens Jersey namesakes, but they have very similar faces. .

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