The 10 Best Places of the World Where You Can Dive

The 10 Best Places of the World Where You Can Dive

One of the activities most beautiful, the diving and although it may seem to always see the same dip our heads in the deep sea , the reality is that every place is special and different .


1 -. Diving in Belize The Belize Diving is wanted Matt Barkley Kids Jersey by unfinidad of tourists from all over the world, traveling for the beautiful beaches , but even better! The Incredibles Reef Coral .


2 – British Columbia Diving This place is best for Diving in Canada , has a varied ecosystem Orcas , dolphins and several interesting species of animals.


3 – The Riviera Maya in Mexico , this is one of the most popular websites in the world with the practice of diving , ensures total satisfaction and hundreds of Travel services are offered for it, this is one of the places most beautiful places to visit in Mexico , a place full of culture and high level of beauty with the best beaches and good hotels Curious. .


4 – Red Sea – Diving in Egypt Located between Africa and Asia area, the Red Sea is famous for its diversity of fish (more than 1,000) and more than 200 species ofcorals , many of which are only seen in this place. In the picture we can see a curious Ghost Ship. .


5 – Diving in North Carolina Many people travel every year to the United States to visit Cape Hatteras and Cape Fear in North Carolina, which are sites tourist most famous for praticar Diving . .


6 – The Great Barrier Reef of Australia ‘s “Great Barrier Reef” is a very famous place in Australia , or concida in English as “Great Barrier Reef”, is the largest coral reef in the world, is so great that measures 2,600 kilometers in length, and can be distinguished from space. .


7 – Diving on the island of Bonairand This beautiful island is located in the Netherlands Netherlands close to the shores of the beautiful land of Venezuela , there are over 60 sites of Scuba Diving on the main island of Bonaire . .


8 – Diving in the Galapagos Islands The Galapagos Islands in the beautiful world Sudamericano of Ecuador , as well as being a beautiful place that contains thousands of species of animals unique to the region, you can see Coral reefs, lions sea , golden rays , eagle rays, striped stinger , invertebrates, eels planters , turtles , marine iguanas, aletiblancos sharks, hammerhead sharks, whales, eels, whale sharks, pelagic fish – the sum of all this is to dive in the waters of the Galapagos Islands, there are even Scuba Diving Night out where species can only be seen at night.


9 -. Micronesia consists of over 2,000 small islands in the Pacific Ocean , north of Papua New Guinea, and East Philippines calls himself “Underwater Paradise” · “In one of the lakes located between the islands, going onephenomenon unique in the world. It is a salt water lake, where jellyfish have been maintained and the lack of predators have lost their stinging cells . With no food in the lake, allowed to grow algae on them and thus have food, in addition to require light for growth of these algae, move in search of sunlight, so the concentration of jellyfish is unique in the world, “according to the website of Tourism Water Under .

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10 – Indonesia, the best place in the World Diving consists of sites like the National Park Comfortable island where species are interesting as the famous ” Komodo dragon “ , and other islands like Sulawesi and Bali . The photo is of the beautiful Clownfish, movie “Finding Nemo” . A variety of Diving Resorts , with many boats having Scuba diving estructores experienced in NaVorro Bowman Authentic Jersey several languages, in these places you can see countless Sea Turtles and cute goldfish is NaVorro Bowman Womens Jersey an area very complete and very atmospheric as Indonesia also has many beaches for Surfing.

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