The 10 Best Super Heroes of History

The 10 Best Super Heroes of History

Well today I wanted to present you a list quite nice I think, these are the 10 best and biggest super heroes in history. So here we go.

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1 – Deadpool This hero created in the early 90’s by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza for the Marvel Comic’s came first in the 90th edition of the collection New Mutans in 1991 was nicknamed Merc Joe Williams Youth Jersey with a Mouth (largemouth mercenary, in Spanish) and immediately made ??good click the general public why we have it at number 10. .


2 – Flash That goes without saying for defining Flash is somewhat faster mocking the man’s fast the world had to be whether or occupies our 9.


3 – Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze , also known as “The Ghost Rider” hero or antihero , fascinated by its style, has a facade that and wanted more and motorcycle championship is a renegade in power and another strong letters of Marvel Comic’s . .

Captain America

4 – Captain America is a patriot hero , fight for your country United States as shown so proud in uniform , is always vigilant be there when your country needed, he uses a shield as their ultimate weapon and is part of the universe of Marvel Comic’s.


5 – Iron Man The Man of Iron and one of my favorites, though not among the top 5 the next are somewhat better, this hero is Anthony “Tony” Stark , a manufacturer of advanced weapons scientist for the government is somewhat egolatra man made ??machine part to be a hero .


6 – Hulk The incredible Hulk , born of an accident of Dr. Bruce Banner , while experimenting with gamma rays , is a fairly normal man but with a sensitive temperament and quite emotional when something irritates is when the green beast that lives in the stems. .


7 – Wolverine Wolverine , aka Logan, is one of the oldest characters in Marvel and one of the most profitable, their poderses arise from an experiment of the military to implant a metal exo-skeleton with claws like blades that pops up when doing his job his favorite phrase is “I’m the Joe Williams Kids Jersey best in my work, but my work is not very nice “ . .


8 – Batman arrived at positions of honor and Batman is one of the best creations in super heroes we have, is a character with a somewhat obscure identity due to a past that torments, the death of his parents, adopt the identity of a bat of the night, after I fell into a cave where the animal was first seen and since then became a night watchman who uses all his knowledge to fight crime in Gotham City, covers his face to protect his identity, which we all know “the millionaire” Bruno Diaz. .


9 – Superman is the “Man of Steel” Clark Kent, is the super hero all in one it has everything, super strength, agility, speed, launch laser beams eyes, fly and an alien came from Krypton , but created by human, for many is the merjor superhero of all time. It was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster for DC Comics in 1932, surpassed only by a hero again, let’s see who it is. .

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10 – Spiderman The position of honor takes Spiderman, super arachnid hero, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko for Marvel Comic’s who was a hero to most as the face for the brand. His identity lies with Peter Parker , a student pointed out that one day I received the bite of a mutant spider, transmitted his powers, which improved through ingenuity creating their own web and launched webs and swinging on them ” Spider “man climbs walls and also has superhuman strength and great agility. It first appeared in issue number 15 of the Comic Amazing Fantasy which was released in 1962 . And although it takes me a while to get the taste of the public, for some years now ago, is the only hero able to snatch the top spot in this list to Superman, “Man of Steel” .

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