The 10 Deadliest Insects on Earth

The 10 Deadliest Insects on Earth

The bugs here are far from the animals most deadly of the Earth , and it is not surprising that an Animal so small can do so much damage .


1 -. Mosquito Anopheles inhabits virtually everyone including , with particular strength in the  areas temperate , tropical and subtropical . There are approximately 400 species of Anopheles , of which 30-40 transmit four different species of parasites of the genus Plasmodium that cause human malaria, which is a disease parasite that is transmitted from one human to another by the bite of infected Anopheles mosquitoes . In humans, the parasites migrate to the liver where they mature and enter the bloodstream and infect the red blood cells. In more aggressive cases can cause death from anemia or coma. Malaria and presented as a global problem. It not only affects tropical countries and there is a potential population of 2,500 million which is exposed to the disease, killing an estimated three million people each year, according to WHO. .


2 – Black Rat Flea Hearing of a flea surely think of a small insect , which can produce as much as it is a small swelling on who suffer. But it turns out the fleas , particularly those of black rats carry with it a bacterium called Yersinia pestis , which has come to end with a quarter of Europe‘s population in 1346, or more than ten million people in the first half of the twentieth century . The WHO reports currently available, 1,000 to 3,000 cases of plague every year in the world. Today there are ongoing outbreaks in mountainous and desert areas of Brazil and the U.S..


3 -. Mosca Tse-Tse The bite of the fly tse tse transmits a parasite mortal, the trypanosome , which attacks the blood and nervous system of its victims. Produce trypanosomiasis , called nagana in cattle and sleeping sickness in people. The trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) is one of the most devastating Reuben Foster Authentic Jersey diseases in sub-Saharan Africa , with 80% of deaths from infected victims. It hurts a total of about 500 000 people , annually kills three million head of cattle and reduces the productivity of sick animals. Around 50 million animals are at risk of contracting nagana and sleeping sickness threat hangs over 60 million people, mostly in rural areas. As its name implies, it disturbs the sleep cycle: the patient sleeps day and night sailing. Subsequently, sensory disturbances, motor, mental and neurological finally which occur without any treatment, fatally lead him to death. The World Health Organization estimated at about 300 000 new cases filed each year in man. There is no potential medium-term vaccine and the few treatments available to date are very toxic is obtained.


4 -. kissing bug is endemic to the Southern Cone , where there is an active transmission of the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi , and presented new infections each year. The insect lives Reuben Foster Womens Jersey in dry, hot areas, mainly in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Brazil. You may find it in 70% of the Argentine territory (from the north to the south of Black River) and 50% of Chilean territory, mainly in the regions of warm and dry weather. In the regions of Cochabamba and Chuquisaca in Bolivia, the kissing bug is responsible for one of the highest prevalences of the Americas. These Bolivian regions are considered the birthplace and epicenter scattering T. infestans . One of the characteristics of this insect is not inoculated parasite in human tissue but, by biting a person and suck blood, your gut swells and forces her to defecate, depositing parasites on the skin of its victim. For the itching , scratching people, and which are themselves inoculated parasite in tissues by this action. This model of vector transmission was predominant throughout Latin America until the 80s. Currently, it is said that 40,000 people die worldwide to be bitten by this bug .


5 -. Africanized Bee The particularity of these hybrids is their heightened defensive behavior, highly heritable, being described as very aggressive with discomfort. Attacked in quantity, very fast and follow their victim until 900 meters from their hive or swarm. This behavior has resulted in numerous Americandeaths of people registered annually increasing number of victims. The severity of Reuben Foster Youth Jersey poisoning depends on individual sensitivity and the number of bites inflicted. Thus, in a hypersensitive subject can occur death with a single bite but there have been survivors of 500 bites . The poison causes allergic reactions and effects toxic . Complications that carry multiple bee stings trigger anaphylactic shock. .


6 – Asian Giant Hornet Body measured 5 cm long , and whose wingspan, is 7.5 cm. In it, a great bulk are combined together with a potent poison can dissolve the tissues . He’s aggressive and unlike the bumblebee does not tolerate captivity. In addition to the above, has a great arsenal: a powerful jaws, protective armor and clamps to hold the tarsal victim. Venture into our world, specifically in Nagano (Japan), where many people have died because of the Hornets. Their venom is very powerful, and very painful sting. Venture into the beekeeping . The bees native Japanese do not make too much of honey, so in Japan, imported bees European , who have not developed defenses against the giant hornet.


7 -. Wasps Bees and Common are as common as fatal , since although the majority the people their sting does not mean them more than an annoying pain if you are allergic to them start to have a problem because you should know that about 60 people die each year from bites of these animals.


8 -. Siafu This type of ants are coming together more easily, as they are the best team work. Within Siafu several species of army ants and mainly in Africa. Colonies can contain 20 million ants ! When the column starts looking food , people can only avoid them away from his path. There have been cases where invalids have been killed (by suffocation) were found when a column of them indoors. They have been known to kill and eat small animals such as zebras or horses. Their bite is so strong and persistent that sometimes are used to suture wounds. .


9 – Fire Ant Its venom causes itching and inflammation of the hematoma, can be very irritating and painful at times, especially with repeated bites by many to time. Usually formed a white pustule, which runs the risk of becoming infected. The pustules are unpleasant when they are active and, if infected, there will be a scar. Additionally, some people allergic to poison, as with many allergies, anaphylaxis can experiement, requiring emergency treatment, so there are several cases of people dying from the bite of these ants a year. .


10 – Centipede Home To capture prey they inject the necessary dose of venom to immobilize them . The poison does not significantly affect animal or human great, unless you are allergic, because in Reuben Foster Kids Jersey the world is estimated that about two people die each year from the bite of the centipede. Their bite is slightly less painful than the bees leaving the area like a bite of mosquito .

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