The 10 Most Beautiful Fountains of the World

The 10 Most Beautiful Fountains of the World

The water has been venerated by humans since the beginning of time, proof is the many gods of water and rain that are scattered across the ancient mythology.


1. Fountain of Friendship of Peoples can be seen in Moscow, and is characterized by its 16 gilded statues of maidens in their national costumes, representing all the republics of the Soviet Union. The source has the services of a complex system of eight powerful pumps that can shoot 1200 liters of water per second.


2. Fontana di Trevi is the nicest most famous source for us without any hesitation and. There should be no traveler passing through Rome, who takes a peek at the world famous Fontana di Trevi to admire and acknowledge it or not, secretly throwing coins in the hope that the promise to return to the Eternal City is met. The fountain is made ??of marble and attached to the Poli Palace, which gives a new facade with Corinthian pilasters. The palazzo overlooking Piazza of Trevi, in Hill Quirinale. While Rome has other, this is the largest (25.9 meters high and 19.8 meters) of Baroque Roman sources and is famous in large part to NaVorro Bowman Youth Jersey the movies.


3. Charybdis Also called the source backwards. And this source located in Sunderland is not to be called differently, just you have to see it. It was designed by William Pye for hotel Seaham Sunderland Hall “through an acrylic cylinder that gives the appearance of a container without water volume”, which makes it the feeling that the power flows from the top down.


4. Buckingham Fountain Oddly joke, this source is not in Buckingham, but it is in Chicago. Kate Buckingham dedicated the structure to the people of Chicago in 1927 in memory of his late brother, Clarence. Also she also established a trust fund $300,000 to ensure that taxpayers would never in the future to cover costs associated with repairs or maintenance to the source. The restoration performed decades ago demanded 2.8 million dollars today came from that fund administered by the Art Institute of Chicago. It is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago and was inaugurated in 1927. It is one of the world’s largest sources. Water sources 134 is driven by three pumps. The core strength of the pumps carry water up to 46 meters high.


5. Fountain of Fortune was built in Singapore in 1995 and consists of a NaVorro Bowman Kids Jersey large ring circumference of 66 meters supported on four large columns with a height of almost 14 meters. The source is part of a complex of towers representing the fingers and palm. Built in bronze, the source of fortune stays off for a few hours in the day so that visitors can walk underneath the ring. At night, a spectacle of water, light and laser that repeats every day is done. The form and manner in which it is clear water from the ring is a way of exposing the water as a symbol of life and wealth, while the inward movement symbolizes the conservation of wealth, as if its effective will be “very necessary in times of crisis.” It is claimed that while walking around the base of the fountain and play three times the water will bring good fortune .


6. Fountain Crown This space of Chicago, was operated by the artist Barcelona Jaume Plensa, where it has two vertical blocks wrapped of glass, appearing in video images with close-ups of faces of different people (usually citizens of Chicago) scale. The two blocks are Patrick Willis Jersey separated by a rectangle of stone covered with a thin layer of water that falls from the sides as the blocks are drawing water from the mouth of the citizens of Chicago.


7. Source of the King Fahd Located in Saudi Arabia, is considered the source with the highest water jet around the world, which reaches 300 meters, so it outperforms buildings like Eiffel Tower, to give you an idea. Each pump expels 625 liters of water per second. The water goes driven at warp speed Patrick Willis Authentic Jersey of 375 km/h. This source has the particularity of using salt water.


8. Source Peterhof is located in the palace of Peterhof in St. Petersburg. This large waterfall is born in the palace and empties into the Baltic Sea. font is decorated with a magnificent gold statue recreates the struggle of Samson with a lion.


9. Falls in New York City There are actually 4 for all this city. This initiative is the work of Danish artist Olaffur Eliasson. Falls New York work daily from 7 am to 10 pm, with the evening when more dramatic look as they are empowered with dramatic lighting.


10. Fuente Oval also called Fontana di Tivoli, is located in Villa d’Este, Tivoli, Italy. The fountain with its egg-shaped waterfalls fall into a pool in front of a shrine Lodge. The design was made ??by Pirro Ligorio .The Villa was declared a World Heritage Site in 2001.

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