The 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouses of the World

The 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouses of the World

In the early days of sailing , there were people in charge of being on the edge of the beach and shoot if I saw a boat . Later, when the wing lights were used lamps wick to warn.


1 Roger Craig Youth Jersey -. Kulezi Kiz (Turkey) This lighthouse over 2500 , is situated on an islet tiny near the coast of Istanbul . It is said that this island has traditionally been used as a burial chamber for the Turkish Empire .

2 -. Faro Knarrarós (Iceland) Built in 1938 , is in my view, aesthetically perfect . It is the tallest building in the South of Iceland, with 30 meters. When glitters is awesome, being every 3 minutes over a period of 30 seconds .


3 -. Faro Island Sullivan (USA) It was built in 1962 , and at the time was a very modern Lighthouse compared with those of the time, being by far the largest range of light around the world as well as being the highest in the world , still holds that record.

4.-Faro Promthep Cape (Thailand) This lighthouse is one of the most emblematic monuments Thailand . It is relatively new as it was built in 1996 , and what is striking is the many Roger Craig Kids Jersey gold finishes in it are.

lighthouse at Cape Hatteras (USA)

5.-lighthouse at Cape Hatteras (USA) The story of the lighthouse began in 1789 , when at Cape Hatteras found the ideal place to locate a place signal Ronnie Lott Jersey towers, construction entrusted to Henry Dearborn , was completed in 1803. The tower measuring 27 meters high, the flashlight about 3 meters and was illuminated by 18 lamps fueled by whale oil: too faint to be seen at a distance to give security for light boats , so in 1815 he installed a system lamps Argand patented byWinslow Lewis , but this update was considered insufficient, but only in 1852 was allocated the necessary funds to carry out a radical improvement. Today is one of the best known of the U.S. , and 60 meters is the lighthouse built with higher bricks of this country. .

6 – Faro Low (England) Located in the county of Somerset , this lighthouse is the least height worldwide, with only 9 meters high . It was built in 1832 and still is used, throwing a big flash every 7 seconds . .

7 – Pigeon Point Lighthouse (USA) Once a year, this lighthouse near San Francisco , California (USA) shines as ago was 100 years . During that time, the light generated five kerosene lamps passes throughlenses 24 rotating Fresnel alerting vessels approaching the coast. A late 70s this lighthouse was guarded by a pig from 300 kilos called Lester. Nowadays, the lighthouse is still active but has been renewed for a system of consistent light more efficiently in a aerobeacons. .

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8 – Tower Yokohama Marinos (Japan) It was inaugurated in1961 , being at that time the highest lighthouse in the world with 106 meters , although it is currently the sixth. On 25 December 2006 , was closed to the public to be restored, at which time the lighthouse became property of the city of Yokohama . Three years later, in 2009 he was again open, so commemorating the 150th anniversary of the city of Yokohama. .

9 – Tower of Hercules (Spain) Located in La Coruña, is privileged to be the only Roman lighthouse and the oldest in running around the world, being built in the Siglo I. There are several legends associated with their construction. One of them says that Hercules came by boat to the coast that currently surround the tower , and it was here where he buried the head of Geryon giant after defeat him in combat . This legend represents the continuity of the Roman legacy of Hercules on tartésico-Phoenician legacy of Geryon. .

10 – Enoshima Lighthouse (Japan) This lighthouse has a spiral staircase to climb it, only cover a frame of lights that illuminates color-coded by the night . It has stunning views of the island of Enoshima , besides being able to see the Mount Fuji , which is about 80 miles away.

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