The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

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1 – Police officers. They are responsible for maintaining order and security of a place, they have the power and duty to arrest criminals and prevent disturbance public . The risk of this paper is that in most of the activities that endanger their lives , because sometimes, participating in an operation or pursue a criminal can be accompanied of shootings. .


2 – Garbage collectors are in charge collect waste from homes , offices , premises , etc.. This work is dangerous because people who engage in this activity are in direct contact with waste, which means that infections are the order of the day. Moreover , they have to deal with animals that live and feed on waste as worms, rats and mice. .


3 – Truck drivers requires many hours of continuous to make major road route. The hours you sleep are very few and this leads to suffering accidents often either fall asleep or going to excess speed .


4 -. Electricians are responsible for repairing the damage and cable faults to light , exposing themselves to electric shock or falls that may end his life .


5 – Roofers. was responsible for repairing the roofs of homes , shops or offices, their work is developed in the heights and oversight can end the life of these people, as are exposed to falls and injuries. .

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6 – Farmers are responsible for harvesting the fruits, grains and vegetables. Hiswork is entirely in the field and for Matt Barkley Womens Jersey this they have to operate heavy machinery, which is sometimes the cause of accidents and injuries .


7 -. Herreros and steel workers These people work in direct contact with beams of steel columns and other materials to build bridges and buildings . Most work is done in the highest and carelessness could cause big drops, and even death. .


8 – Pilots are responsible for managing aircraft and helicopters . His work is carried out at high altitudes. Although these aircraft accidents are minimal no longer risky, because a mechanical failure could cause the vehicle to crash.


9 -. Harvester trees. makers are cutting trees for wood. Usually they are cut with saws , also use drive trucks; operating heavy machinery, transport the logs ., exposure to winding roads and the fall of large branches can cause severe injury ..

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10 – Fishermen work in boats to collect fish or other species water. This activity is considered high risk because they face the inclement weather, being at sea, the climate can be aggressive and attract major storms that can cause accidents on board. These people are in danger of slipping, entangled in nets or fall to the sea .

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