The 10 Most Expensive Car Accident in History

The 10 Most Expensive Car Accident in History

The accident automobile are the order of the day, these accidents have been those who have wasted more money to causes and that driving one of these exclusive models.


1. Ferrari 250 GTO (10,000,000 Euros) It was purchased at a auction , but this time it was the negligence of the driver that caused him to lose so much money for mere forgetfulness. I imagine your next car escarmentaría and not cost much.


2. Ferrari 250 GT Spyder (7,800,000 Euros) That’s what it cost at an auction in the year 2007, a year before the bad luckto be cebase owner vehicle. And it was not a recklessness that made ??destroy this car, if not a hurricane took him ahead, to bury it in the sand of a beach nearby.


3. Ferrari 250 GT TDF (1,300,000 Euros) construction the 59 year had the misfortune of having an accident on a test that just paid homage to the classic Ferrari and Maserati. It was against a wall in the French championship “Shell Ferrari-Maserati Historic Challenge” for the year 2003.


4. Bugatti Veyron (1,250,000 Euros) The owner of this beautiful and fast car just took a week to crash it since acquiring it because indeed the most famous feature of the Veyron is its speed, but if you Earl Mitchell Youth Jersey go to almost 200 kilometers per hour for a wet and shabby road, chances are you have an accident.


5. Ferrari Enzo (990,000 Euros ) The Ferrari Enzo seems to attract many accidents because of 400 that have been manufactured, documented 14 incidents with them. The most expensive was in Malibu in the year 2005, when the known mafieso “Fat Steven” Eriksson crashed it in the middle of a prosecution.


6. McLaren F1 (950,000 Euros). This car was crashed by a hands certainly known: those of Rowan Atkinson, actor who plays. Mr Bean has to his credit a long list of major damage in sports, but this is undoubtedly that takes the cake.


7. Jaguar XJ220 (762,000 Euros) At the time, this car was the fastest in the world, reaching in 1992 the 350 kilometers per hour, a fact that was more than likely to be the cause for Earl Mitchell Kids Jersey this issue is impacts on a golf course, being totally useless.


8. Mercedes Benz SL 300 (570,000 Euros) Known by Eli Harold Jersey fans Eli Harold Authentic Jersey as “Seagull”for the way it opens up two doors, which look like wings. This happened in Mexico during the Carrera Panamericana. The Mercedes gull had an unfortunate impact pinned in full street and there was. Its price was valued at $ 750,000, according to the German manufacturer, who lists it as one of his finest and most beautiful models. The driver suffered no physical harm, but probably your pocket if you suffer.


9. Pagani Zonda (495,000 Euros) Hong Kong and this type of car is not anything along, since the 3 accidents that have registered for this model car, 2 occurred in the Asian city. The head of the accident was not the driver of the vehicle, if not the truck traveling in the next lane, and made ??a wrong move and the driver of the Pagani had to dodge, hitting a row of parked cars, including was also a Mercedes S Class.


10. Bugatti EB110 (380,000 Euros) The accident was not the owner of it but a mechanic who was making annual testing. When encountering oil in the road, and probably does not move slowly, left the road and ended up crashing into a pole of light. The workshop had to pay the bill of the accident shortly after to close as a result of compensation.

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