The 10 Most Expensive Places to Live World

The 10 Most Expensive Places to Live World

Here the list of places with high levels of life , places where there is much money and where he also spent a lot of money.


1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s financial heart shines Asia , in addition to its neon, for their prices . The rent an average of $ 4,248 , the coffee exceeds $ 5.7 and fuel the $ 1.8 . Yes, junk food is very cheap ($ 3.35 menu) and keep abreast of today is not particularly expensive: the newspaper costs $ 3.6.


2. Geneva (Switzerland)

It is well known the high standard of living of the Swiss. According to him, rent a luxury two-bedroom apartment will cost more than $ 4,000 . A menu of fast food with coffee will involve an outlay of 10.5 and $ 5.13 , if it does so by reading an international newspaper, add $ 3.73 . And if you get fuel then $ 1.54 per liter.


3. Zurich (Switzerland)

Another representative Swiss , in this case Zurich , where rents are still cheaper than in Geneva ( $ 2,984 in this case). Yes, drinking coffee, fill the tank, buy a newspaper and eating pizza or hamburger worth the same: 5.13, 1.54, 3.73 and $ 10.54 , respectively.


4. Copenhagen (Denmark)

In the heart of Europe , Bruce Ellington Jersey Denmark and especially its capital city , Copenhagen, noted for the money everyday citizens have to spend. Gasoline beyond DOLLAR 1.9 s is an Bruce Ellington Authentic Jersey example. Grab a coffee costs more than $ 6 and buy the newspaper, 4.22 . The fast food exceeds $ 10. And rent a luxury home with two bedrooms more than $ 2,750 .


5. Tokyo (Japan)

Although not as expensive as in Luanda , renting a luxury apartment with two bedrooms in Tokyo can make about $ 4,436 . The cup of coffee is around $ 6.65 and the 1.41 liter of gasoline. An international newspaper sells for $ 5.55, and go to a fast food chain represents roughly $ 7.2.


6. Luanda (Angola)

It is Bruce Ellington Womens Jersey the first city in the ranking . Here, the monthly rental of a luxury home 2 rooms cost $ 7,000 . Grab a coffee or read the newspaper, 3.8 and $ 4.9 , respectively. Fill the tank, about $ 0.55 per liter. And eating a fast food menu, around $ 17.5.


7. Osaka (Japan)

Another Japanese city is among the most damage can do to your pocket . A place where every liter of gasoline exceeds $ 1.4, the newspaper ‘s $ 5.5 , a cup of coffee is trading at $ 6.1 and junk food at the rate of $ 7.21 menu. Add to the equation the rent ( $ 2,218 on average for a two-bedroom apartment) and clear up a mystery for many zeroes.


8. Moscow (Russia)

Live in Moscow is not exactly cheap. The coffee is paid as gold: a cup is over $ 7 . The luxury residential rents are around 3,600, while a liter of gasoline is at $ 0.78. And while eating fast food is not expensive, with a 5.67 Doares menu, to read a daily newspaper of’ll pay almost $ 10.


9. Ndjamena (Chad)

The Republic of Chad , surprisingly enough, is listed as the third most expensive . It is impossible to establish an average price of rental housing, but fast food menu costs a whopping $ 26.04 . A coffee or buy the newspaper, Bruce Ellington Youth Jersey between 3.1 and $ 7 . And fill the tank, $ 1.25 per liter.


10. Libreville (Gabon)

Sure most of you do not know put Gabon on a map, but here are some figures that give clues about daily life in the country. Rent a luxury home: not less than $ 2,000 . Taking a coffee: 4.17 DOLLAR s. Putting gasoline: $ 1.11 per liter. Buy the newspaper: $ 4.58. It is also the country from the list in the most expensive is a fast food menu: no less than $ 27.08.

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