The 10 Most Mysterious Rare Objects

The 10 Most Mysterious Rare Objects

The only explanation that can be given to some of the objects prints are discovered extraterrestrial visitation , travelers in time or lost Eli Harold Womens Jersey civilizations like Atlantis .


1. Coso Artifact We are located at 1961 , in Olancha (California – USA). Tres coopropietarios a mineral shop prospectaban the Coso Mountains , where geode found something peculiar, the outside of the pocket was hardened clay with fragments of fossilized shells, which contained two objects that resembled a nail and a washer. Inside a ceramic cylinder is caught in a hexagonal sleeve petrified wood, copper fragments separated the two parts. In the middle of the cylinder is a metal rod inserted two millimeters in diameter. A geologist dates back to the engine caught on the rock in some 100,000 to 500,000 years ago , but this date is not accepted since it is not known as calculated then.



2. Penny Maine In 1957 , archaeologists discovered the ruins Indians in the State of Maine , United States , an authentic Norwegian penny whose history goes back to the early eleventh century. This discovery could corroborate that before the navigator Christopher Columbus , the Vikings of Northern Europe have arrived in southern Newfoundland. Although there is that possibility, experts have expressed doubts, because the penny Maine is the only Norwegian relic discovered in those Indian ruins, could be thought that came there for reasons related to trade.



3. Spheres Giants Costa Rica In Eli Harold Youth Jersey the National Museum of San Jose , the capital of Costa Rica , many polished stone spheres of various sizes are preserved: the “giant fields” are among the findings geologic more bizarre the story universal. Hundreds of spheres of different sizes decorate gardens private in this Central American country, others have been opened for gold hidden in them, which have been destroyed, and others are badly damaged due to fire caused during felling of the forest. Archaeologists Costa Rican new copies still digging in the mud of the delta Disquis and amazed increasingly artisan skill unknown authors. Especially the big-more balls heaviest specimen that has been excavated so far is 16 tons – are so smooth and round that it seems impossible that was manufactured without mechanical means. Granite that are made ??not on the site of the discovery, since there no quarries, making it more amazing and mysterious to these areas.



4. Map of Piri-Reis It’s a nautical chart that was made ??by the namesake Turkish admiral in the year 1513 , this being the date commonly accepted by experts as part of his work Bahriye (On the navigation). The particularity of this map and what has made ??him world famous, lies in the fact that it contains detailed representations of places on the planet that are assumed completely unknown at the time and the assertion of the handwriting of the Turkish Navy, that his sources were “old Sea Kings” and even that was based, in preparation, in 20 old maps and 8 world maps made ??at the time of Alexander the Great, apparently, and then showed the whole inhabited world. Rather, if anything, even more amazing. Obviously, such claims and the fact that much of the “terra incognita” profile and even had landforms such as mountains or rivers on a map of the time, raises a number of questions, the less make us question how it is that such information was obtained.



5. Voynich Manuscript few manuscriptsare in the story more mysterious and intriguing than the Voynich manuscript , a book which was written some five hundred years ago in a foreign language (which is termed as Voynichese) and today has not yet been able to be decrypted by any of the many experts who have tried. If this is not Eli Harold Kids Jersey enough, the book is full of illustrations on various topics ranging from botany, astrology and cosmology to biology and pharmaceutical . So far it might seem an ancient treatise on several of the many existing knowledge of that time, unless the drawings of why Voynich manuscript we show a series of plants , animals and everyday situations unknown to our planet. You could say it is like a “Manual of botany and science from another planet “ .Besides, in the manuscript a number of instruments that could well be rudimentary microscopes and lenses increase, along with illustrations of what could be cells and bacteria, which is quite unusual if you consider that represented some of the theories of his Authoring place it in the thirteenth century.



6. Baghdad Batteries In 1936 , during excavations on a hill Kujut Rabua , a village southeast of Baghdad (Iraq), workers in the Department State of Iraqi Railway discovered an old tomb covered with a stone slab. For two months, the Department of Iraqi Antiquities extracted from there a total of 613 beads, clay figurines, carved bricks and other pieces. They were dated to the period of deliveries (nearly five hundred years between 248 a. C. and 226 d. C.). They also found a very unique clay pots, vase-shaped and pale yellow. Inside there was a copper cylinder, fixed with asphalt to the mouth of the neck. Inside the cylinder was an iron rod. In that year (1939), archaeologist Wilhelm König German , then in charge of the Laboratory of the State Museum of Baghdad, identified it as a probable battery power . He described his findings in 9 Jahre Iraq, published in Austria in 1940 . The first analysis of this work was to introduce therein a electrolyte , and connect a lamp to be lit very faintly. The official report was drafted after saying that this object was behaving exactly like a modern electric battery. The April 11, 2003, during the invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad was attacked and looted. For about three days many pieces of incalculable historical value were destroyed or stolen, being ete is the case of these batteries, which are currently missing.



7. Phaistos Disk is a curious finding archaeological late age Bronze . It was discovered on 15 July 1908 by the Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in excavating a Minoan palace at Phaistos (Phaistos), near Hagia Triada , in southern Crete . The purpose of use and place in which it was built have not yet been determined, which has made ??this work in one of the most famous mysteries of archeology . He is currently at the Museum of Heraklion in Crete (Greece). Registration was performed by pressure “stamps” hieroglyphs preformed on soft clay in a spiral toward the center of the disc sequence. This was then baked at high temperature . Some archaeologists assume that the disk write is Minoan Phaistos , but it is neither linear nor linear B. A Approximately 10 signs of the disc are similar to signs of linear writing. For that reason, Elvis Dumervil Jersey other specialists attribute a Cretan origin. For example, according to the “proto-ionic theory”, the disc would be the work of a Cycladic village. Some theories say it could be a board game, talking about whether it is the oldest predecessor of the famous game of the Goose.



8. Roman dodecahedra are some artifacts dated between the years 200 and400 AD. Found throughout Europe and measures vary between 3 and 11 cm. Its manufacturing is bronze, wood or even stone. His biggest enigma is that it completely ignores the use of these devices . Among the various theories, they say they could serve to place flowers or candles inside, surveying instruments or just be decorative items.



9. Pipes Baigong At Mount Baigong , located in the Chinese province of Qinghai , were found ago relatively recently, in 1998 , a curious pipe-shaped structures that bring head over to a group of researchers. These “lines”, appear to be just that: pipes of iron. They are inside various caves located on Mount Baigong within a roughly pyramidal structure about 50 or 60 meters high. Not only displayed these tubes in the inside of the cave , if not on lake at the foot of Mount also appear partially submerged debris in the water, almost as if they were part of a network of water distribution. The area is completely uninhabited, with no trace of known settlements. And has dated the antiquity of these pipes in no less than 5000 years old. Its composition is formed by iron oxide, silicon dioxide, and other substances in smaller proportions.



10. Antikythera Mechanism is an object which is believed to be an artifact primitive mechanical . It was discovered in the remains of a shipwreck near the Greek island of Antikythera, between Kythera and Crete , and is believed to date to 87.C. One of the first mechanisms of gears known, and it was designed to follow the movement of the heavenly bodies. According to reconstructions made ??, it is a mechanism that uses differential gear, which is surprising since the first cases known until its discovery dating from the sixteenth century. According to initial studies conducted by historian Derek J. of Solla Price (1922-1983), the device was an astronomical computer capable of predicting the positions of the Sun and Moon in the zodiac, but subsequent studies suggest that the device was far more “intelligent”. Using techniques of linear tomography, Michael Wright, a specialist in mechanical engineering from the Museum of Science in London, has conducted a new study of the artifact.

Wright found evidence that the Antikythera mechanism could reproduce the movements of the sun and moon accurately, using a model devised by Hipparchus epicyclic, and planets like Mercury and Venus, using a model derived elliptical Apollonius of Perge. In 2008, Philip Ball and Tony Freeth, published in the journal Nature that the mechanism served to fix accurately the celebration of the Olympic Games in antiquity. The interior of the device contains an inscription indicating Nemea (referring to one of the games that were more important), and Olympia. With these dials are fixed precisely next to the last summer solstice every four years, the date on which the full moon sets were initiated.

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