The 11 Most Famous Inventions Conferred to Wrong People

The 11 Most Famous Inventions Conferred to Wrong People


1. The Phone

That Alexander Graham Bell is the inventor would be the response of the majority. But in all honesty who invented the telephone was Antonio Meucci , who filed a provisional patent for scarce resources and had to find a sponsor in 1873 , the latter sent a sketch to a working laboratory where Alexander Graham Bell, who had access to these. In 1875 Graham Bell attributed the invention of the telephone. correcting But this fact came more than 100 years late, so the June 11, 2002, the Congress of the United States adopted resolution 269 with which acknowledged as Meucci invented the telephone and Graham Bell.


2. Internet

While Al Gore never said that he was the one who invented the Internet , yes it has come to commenting that “he was the one who took the initiative to create it.” Well, the story is that in 1969 , during the Cold War , the army of the United States created a network with the aim that, in case of attack by the Russians, the information could be checked from anywhere in the country. ARPANET was the network name, and the call “father of the Internet “ is Vinton Cerf , who obviously has received many achievements and awards for it.

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3. Bulb

Perhaps that invented Edison itself which was the first practical light bulb, but it was not at all the first, since in 1809 , the chemist Humphry Davy platinum strip placed between the poles of a battery and managed to produce an arc bright . The discovery of Davy , served as a reference for creating the incandescent light bulb, 75 years later, it was the one that created itself Edison.

X-Ray Photography

4. X-Ray Photography

While the fluoroscope of Thomas Edison became the standard medicine was not the first method took to make a photograph of X-rays . On 8 November 1895 , German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen studied the behavior of the electrons emitted by a tube crookes , and overlaid with black cardboard, to connect your computer, observed a faint glow in the distance. At that moment he realized that the flashes were capable of illuminating a barium salts bottles wrapped in black paper and wooden planks between him and the bottles. In this way he discovered the X-rays . Physicist began experimenting with Brian Hoyer Womens Jersey various objects until, on December 22, 1895, his wife asked him to place his hand on a plate for fifteen minutes. By revealing the glass plate observed the first radiograph of human body: the bones of the hand of Berta.


5. Automobile

Popular culture has always said that the inventor of the first automobile was Henry Ford , but nothing is further from reality, as when he created his own, and had been 10 years since the German Karl Benz patenting one vehicle of three-wheelers , which is considered the first modern automobile. The vehicle was equipped with a small four-stroke horizontal single cylinder, carburetor and cooling water through a radiator.

Motion picture

6. Motion Picture

Another alleged invention of Edison , and is that which is considered the first “video” of history, the so-called “Monkeyshines” appeared two years later that of Louis Le Prince . This footage shows the family of the inventor for two seconds in the garden of his own house. It is interesting to note that both Le Prince, like the other two people who appear in the video (hiswife and son) died under mysterious circumstances shortly after that they start patent disputes the moving image.


7. Telescope

scientist Hans Lippershey optics owned in Holland. The story goes that one day two children played with a pair of glasses and managed to see the vane of a church closer and sharper. The inventor tube placed between the lenses and thus created the first telescope . The object of the invention to Lippershey was able to observe distant objects and identify every detail. Therefore, Galileo simply Lippershey took the idea to “invent” his famous telescope. It must be said that investigations where truly recent comment that the telescope was invented in Gerona 18 years before getting in the Netherlands, but this hypothesis is not proven .

desktop computer

8. Desktop Computer

The concept of interface and the graphical user desktop language is known by Windows , which makes the Brian Hoyer Youth Jersey vast majority of people believe that Microsoft has been who invented these concepts. But the real story mended in 1973 , when the company Xerox PARC made ??an invention that revolutionized the world: the first personal computer, called “High”.

Until then, computers were large machines, and used punch cards. Creation of Xerox allowed the user interactivity and efficient use of computers. This consisted of a computer monitor monochrome , 3-button mouse, removable hard drives, 16-bit processor and memory of 128 Kb addition, the computer had installed a text editor allowing users to visualize words as would on a printed sheet. The “High” was never marketed. Xerox donated his research for the production of future computers as “Lisa”, the company Apple.

Flight to Motor

9. Flight to Motor

In March 1903, New Zealander Richard Pearse managed to make bamboo fly a powered monoplane own. He toured his farm 140 meters before crashing into a bush. Pearse’s flight occurred eight months before the brothers Wright could fly in the famous Kitty Wright .

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10. Audio Recorder

We are back with our friend Edison, and he conceived the principle of recording and sound in 1877 , but 17 years earlier (said quickly) In 1860, the Frenchman Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville created the phono-autograph , the first device capable of storing sounds. The contraption consisted of a barrel open at one end, by which he spoke. On the other side was a flexible membrane that had a stuck pig. From that side of the barrel is placed a sooty glass cylinder with a gas lamp. When you want to record sound the cylinder was rotated manually while talking into a barrel: the pig was “cleaning” the black soot cylinder and formed a line that was the visual representation of sound.

Eleven. – Radio

Radio is the most controversy has brought the entire list, because for years, Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi fought the creation of the radio. In the early twentieth century, Marconi patented his creation as the first radio that enabled the first transmission of a signal across the Atlantic Ocean. Marconi’s work was based on 17 patents of Tesla, who said he received wireless signals transmitted over long distance between 1895 and 1899 . Finally, in 1943, the Supreme Court of the United States recognized Tesla as the creator of the radio.

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