Top 10 Intelligent Animals World

Top 10 Intelligent Animals World

Their abilities to adapt to the environment, to learn things and understand commands make these species are considered among the brightest of the animal kingdom.



1. The Dolphin

It is certainly one of the animals more friendly to man, possessors of one of the brain larger in relation to their size. Can emit whistles and sounds to communicate with each other, which is considered a language of its own . Some dolphins protect their noses with swabs to Colin Kaepernick Authentic Jersey find fish in the sea, a clear sign of intelligence, and learn tricks of humans even if they know they will be rewarded with food and the fact that the dolphin along with the man are the only species that have sex for pleasure.


2. The Dog 

The dog is called man’s best friend for their ability to obedience and to learn commands such as sit and lie down, but somehow these canines are aware of the good and the bad. Scientists argue that the way to understand thedog is possibly similar to that of humans. Among the dog breeds Border Collie is considered to be the most intelligent , something that used to serve as a magnificent dog grazing.



3. The Parrot

has a brain the size of a walnut , but that does not stop him from being able to mimic the voice of man, animals or everyday sounds, have a good memory and have the IQ of a 6 year old boy. The Kea, a species of parrot in New Zealand is one of the most intelligent, known as “wolf with feathers” are sociable and able to solve problems for food, individually or in teams. But who takes the title between smart was Alex, an African gray parrot, who was studying for his 31 years of life and who sadly died in 2007, but not before providing a great legacy in the investigation of these birds. Alex was able to mimic many voices, select figures of the same type and color of a broad group and solve simple puzzles, among other qualities.



4. The Chimp

This primate shares with the human a amazing 98% of DNA , being able to mimic human actions after a period of observation. To communicate using a variety of gestures, cries, screams, grunts and become different depending on how you feel: sad, angry, happy. They are able to use and to make tools they use in their daily lives, as the most suitable club to catch termites and ants. The weather observation and research in the laboratory show that the chimpanzee not only can capture feelings of others but also have altruism and self-awareness.



5. The Horse

This animal symbol of honor has a very large brain used for coordination of movements , but is able to solve similar problems they face to chimpanzees. It also has a high sensitivity and some studies claim that senses or mental mood of their owners.



6. The Elephant

This elephant is able to comfort the members of his flock, awareness of death and understand the reason thanks his enormous brain . The elephants are able to recognize themselves in a mirror, something only achieved some primates, dolphin and man. The females are excellent mothers and matriarchs accumulate knowledge about watering or feeding places during the course of their lives, it is said that elephants never forget.



7. The Pig

Although it is popularly regarded as one of the animals more dirty , the opposite is true, since the lack of sweat glands solves it splashing in the mud. Scientific experiments have shown that the pig is more intelligent than most animals , livestock, can be trained like a dog and learn actions such as opening the door knob or use your mouth to doodle with a brush.



8. The Octopus

It’s amazing to think that a being invertebrate may be smart , but it is proven that the brain of these animals has some characteristics of the human Colin Kaepernick Womens Jersey brain . Because they are born they are alone (her mother’s care throughout the incubation and dies of starvation) and live Colin Kaepernick Youth Jersey just under 2 years old should learn quickly what they need to survive . They can solve problems Colin Kaepernick Kids Jersey like food activity. The octopus impersonator is able to use his body to mimic the shape of other animals.



9. Raven

The birds are not considered very intelligent , but this issue is an exception animal considered a “mind agile and skillful hands” . The crow, with the innate ability to make tools, you can display only after long observation of the practice of their background. You can take advantage of social influence to obtain food or other.



10. The Japanese Macaque

very sociable This exemplary lives in the Japanese islands , considered one of the most intelligent primates, able to learn through observation and interaction with others of its kind.In winter many macaques are grouped in hot springs to combat the cold, a learned behavior by observing humans they relaxed in the water, and their almost obsessive cleaning habits and ability to solve some problems of medium complexity.

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