Top 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Homes World

Includes from a luxurious mansion on the French Riviera, one on the Australian coast, a mansion in the English countryside and even one on one island in French Polynesia .

bran castle

1. – Bran Castle – $ 135 million This castle is a medieval fortress Hungarian though locallizado in Transylvania (Romania) has great tourist attraction for its relation to the novel Dracula. It was built around 1212 and allegedly Bram Stoker used this castle as a model to describe Dracula, although actuares owners, the family Von Habsburg , reject this myth, which takes away much attraction.

Updown Court

2. – Updown Court – $ 139,000 .000 Located in Windlesham (Surrey, England), in the beautiful English countryside in a 23-hectare terrero. Its owner is Lashmi Mittal , an Indian owner of the largest steel factory in the world (Mittal Steel Company) and the fifth richest man in the world. The size of this mansion with 103 rooms of which 22 are bedrooms, exceeds Palace Buckingham . Contains theseluxuries one bowling alley , a living theater with capacity for 50 people, tennis courts , squash , snooker salla , five Jeremy Kerley Jersey swimming pools, an indoor pool designed as an ancient Roman bath, Turkish bath, sauna, massage room, ballroom, an art gallery with walls made of oak. The mosaic floor of the main area study is made with 24 carat gold. And a detail that sure is the dream of many of you, the master bedroom is accessed from its own private pool and through a glass elevator.

The Manor

3. – The Manor. $ 150 million The mansion of the late producer Aaron Spelling film , has the honor of being the most expensive house around Hollywood . Manor is home to 123 rooms ten bathrooms, four bars, three kitchens, a wine cellar, library, gym, cinema hall with capacity for 300 people, theater, bowling and even a doll museum. If the mansion we stay small and prefer to take the air out, you can walk through the gardens , tended by numerous staff, visit thoroughbreds in his stables or play tennis on one of the tracks. To this, we add the eight garages with two seats each. This mansion was put up for sale last year by the widow of Spelling, Candy Spelling , and he stated that this house is too much “for one person” .

The Pinnacle

4 . – The Pinnacle – $ 155 million This ski house, owned by Yellowstone Club (Montana) has an extension of 16,000 square meters. It has 10 rooms, massage room, bathrooms with fireplaces to avoid the cold and gym among other amenities, plus a garage with heating . But undoubtedly the main attraction of this villa is its ramp foldable ski, which can to keep indoors.


5. – Franchuck Villa – $ 161 million This Victorian villa owned by the billionaire Elena Franchuck , has 10 rooms, indoor pool, room for panic, sauna, gym and a theater for 100 people, among other things, which are regularly visited by Elton John , a close friend of the owner Ukrainian.

Hearst Mansion

6. – Hearst Mansion – $ 165 million This is a mansion with history as its first owner, the advertising magnate William Hearst was who inspired Orson Welles for his film “Citizen Kane” . It has also been used in countless films such as “The Fool” by Steve Martin and “The Bodyguard”, but it is noteworthy that in 1972 was the scene of ” The Godfather I “ . Besides the former U.S. president J ohn F.Kennedy , spent part of Jeremy Kerley Authentic Jersey their honeymoon in 1953 with his wife Jacqueline. Among its many luxuries with three swimming pools, movie theater, six separate residences, and a house for the security officers.


7. – Fairfield Pond – $ 170 million This residence located in the so-called “Long Island” New York, is considered with its 63 hectares of extension, the largest in the United States. This mansion , owned by billionaire Ira Rennert who was appointed by Michael Moore dirtiest man on the planet, outreach folded into the White House and as a curiosity has no more and no less than 39 bathrooms.

Jeremy Kerley Womens Jersey href=””>One Hyde Park, The Penthouse

8. – One Hyde Park, The Penthouse – $ 200,000,000 This penthouse located in the most expensive residential complex across England , has glass bulletproof, panic room, private elevator optical identification, as is certainly little to the owners of these houses , which of course will be a good target for every thief in the world.

Villa Leopolda

9. – Villa Leopolda – $ 506 million This mansion , with which we made a pretty big economic leap in the list, is owned by the widow of Lebanese-born Swiss banker and naturalized Brazilian, Edmond Safra , but was to be sold to Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov who lost reservation 40 million delivered in advance of the purchase of the house to back down from the operation. It is located in the heart of French Riviera in Villefranche-sur-Mer (sea Villafranca). In 1902 the king of Belgium, Leopold II paid symbolic 1 franc gain ground where little later would be the idyllic mansion. Another historical owners of this house was the former owner of Ferrari and Fiat Giovanni Agnelli. tiered complex of buildings that make up Villa Leopolda , whose feet are a huge oval pool flanked by trees, is set amidst a vast garden eight hectares in whose olive, orange, lemon and plum work up to fifty gardeners, because you have to keep in mind that has 8 hectares.


10. – Antilla – $ 1,000,000,000 This residence, is the first in the history (and by far) to reach the Billion dollars. It is located in Mumbai (India) and is owned by Indian tycoon Muskesh Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world. Ambani has always had the dream of building a mansion for his family of 6 living members who share housing with 600 employees. It has 27 floors, with the first 6 intended for parking of vehicles. The exterior is a vertical garden, like those of most of the city of Mumbai . Among all its plants has everything: a dance hall with stairs silver, countless lounges, Jeremy Kerley Youth Jersey theater, cinema, indoor gardens, health space Stop everything you need to relax, a plant with artificial snow, a helipad on the top floor so … . Anyway, this house has more features than many entire countries.

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