Top 10 Technologies That Refuse to Disappear

Top 10 Technologies That Refuse to Disappear

How is it possible that objects and technologies with 2000, 3000 or 4000 years still remain ubiquitous in our lives ? Were not we in the twenty-first century?


1 – Keys (4000 BC)

were found among the mechanisms ancient world, but still there, firm. We have no qualms about replacing them with devices electronics in cars , for example, but, with few exceptions, the rest of us still rely on mechanical lock with brass key. Why? The lock requires no electricity and is remarkably resistant to wear. If the bunch of keys we fall to the ground or water, if exposed to the sun in a car or if your dog decides it’s fun to rob us and get your teeth for twenty minutes will continue to operate as the first day. A little lube every so often and we know from 4000 years of experience you can get out of the house . And, perhaps most importantly, re-enter. .


2 – Maps (16,500 BC) It is not only that they are made ??on paper, which could erroneously emparentarlos the second mention of this inventory, but the idea of a view general area you want to navigate . Whether they are on paper , of course, too adds. One of my friends told me that most computer has dozens of drawings of buildings on your iPhone for work. But he never left the others, the obsolete paper, “to annotate” ., I explain But there’s more to the map, any map, is offering perspective, awareness of where you are relative to everything else. The GPS will guide, and for those who were born with the most profound and irreversible forgetfulness is a blessing. But I would not start a journey through unfamiliar cities without a good map on paper, that does not depend on the connection 3Gor satellite signal. Is it that I am insufficiently aggiornado? That is unlikely, but mostly irrelevant. What I have been asking me is why certain older technologies are still so popular . If the camera rolls disappeared in just ten years and is now a rarity , why the thousands of tourists that I see in my travels carry a digital camera and, in turn, brandish Malcolm Smith Womens Jersey your paper map as if it were at once a banner and a life? Because they know that take you back to the hotel and eventually to his distant home . .

The pencil and paper

3 – The pencil and paper (4000 BC) Still owe you a column about the paper . For now I will say, just that no other record is more reliable , unless tallemos in stone , nor immediate. If you want to take a note with my iPhone I have to press the unlock button, enter the password, open the application of notes, touch the screen and finally typing on a keyboard that is anything but comfortable. On the computer I have a shortcut that opens the Notepad. Fast and comfortable, but you must remember to save the document (with pen and paper saves as you type), the shortcut must be configured, the computer should be hung and is not very portable . For the netbook, I need to at least get her out of sleep mode or hibernation to take a note. Say, anything that comes to our aid when the taxi passes swiftly before a house we like, which is on sale and we record the your realtor. .

The light switch

4 – The light switch (1884) Something similar happens with keys light . How is it that have not yet been replaced by mass sensors that perceive if there are, they recognize who we are and what mood we are to determine the appropriate amount of lighting? Simple: because that would be useless. We are not geraniums. Our relationship with light is much more Malcolm Smith Youth Jersey complicated than computers can still evaluate. Both aswitch in our hands can do a better job than all the sensors in the world. Just imagine the failure to be a surprise party if we had already left the obedient keys light. In addition, based on a simple principle enough that are more or less built to last decades. Are perhaps warranted in this case noted, much more economical . Curious as it may sound, do not need electricity to run, they are completely mechanical . Sure, why one might want to turn on a light with a smart switch if the power has been cut? That’s not the point. What happens if the power fails to switch? What happens if you have an electrical fault? Of course, the home automation solutions mixed considered to have the best of both worlds, but in the vast majority of homes and offices still use conventional switches. I’m sure I would be very entertaining myself to program the intelligence of the lights in my house (I love automation), but since the stack of books I want to read keeps growing and my time is dwindling, better stretch arm I turn on the lamp that is next to my couch and back to the page where I left last night. .


5 – Copier (1948) Nevertheless, the good old photocopier is not resigned to disappear. Their fate is linked to the role , and it seems that as long as each need the other . .


6 – The Malcolm Smith Kids Jersey Wristwatch (1868) When I was in Europe, in the early fall, I decided not to wear my watch bracelet. It was one less thing to lose. “And-I-reasoned look at the time in the cell, which is also digital and computerized and therefore I can configure it to a dozen local time, etc.” . Nonsense. When making this decision I overlooked something important. When you load a backpack, you’re missing a train or plane , and your hands are busy with maps, bags, passages and coffee , which has been your only food that morning because I fell asleep, a simple twist of the wrist lets you know Instantly the time and hassle, distractions and detentions. As long as a) you’ve taken your watch and b) is not the same hand that’s holding the coffee. All in all, I swore never more to leave my house without the clock of bracelet . Digital , analog , ecological , with hands, LCD with calculator, never mind, the idea of consulting the stopwatch without manipulating any device is so very good that there is no computer , cell phone , smartphone or online service that surpasses it. Sidenote: about a month ago he sold out the battery in my watch and I’m already planning to get one of those that do not require changing the battery. .

Remote Control

7 – Remote Control (1950) If the Xbox 360has the Kinect , if smartphones accept voice commands, why something so simple as a TV or a DVD player need a table about as complicated as the dashboard Space Shuttle remote? seem to be a typical case of outdated technology that is still with us because it is cheap. That is, to replace the remote for voice commands or gestures would raise the cost of equipment unnecessarily. No way. Such control of infrared , although old and hated, has a number of advantages over voice control or the controls on the Wii (Nintendo), Kinect (Microsoft) and Move (Sony). Advantages, say, when it comes to appliances , not to play FIFA . First , they are well known. It may cost us all something from the remote program, but the basics are obvious. No need to read a manual to learn what gesture or verbal command change channels or put pause the DVD . Secondly , do not make noise. We can watch TV with headphones and not wake the spouse whenever we asked Channel Up or Channel Down. Thirdly , have you noticed the number of remote that is in a table of typical living? That’s another problem.Why? Because while infrared coding is transparent to the user, if I had to give verbal commands or gestures each should be unique to the device and action. It would be like learning to speak again. In the case of gestures, or talk … read what follows. Fourth , its use is accepted and no one feels ridiculous to be lying on the sofa pointing a plastic thing to the TV by changing channels . Not be the case, I fear, if we were obliged to make gestures in the style of Minority Report . But there’s more. Anyone who has played with a Wii knows that change channels by gestures implies a serious risk to put him nudge it sitting next to one. .

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8 – The cash (banknotes and coins, between 3000 and 600 BC) Each month or month and a half hits the news of some new and exotic form of payment used from cell to brain waves, but the cash can still save the day. O night. One week, one of the restaurants I visit frequently had run out ago POSnet (device that reads the debit and credit). Fortunately I carried cash, otherwise I would have been without thedish coming planning and all maneuver to leave the car for safekeeping would have been in vain. Nothing serious compared to what happened to me a couple of months ago. had to teach a class in the University of Salvador and those extravagant things Buenos Aires I could not get a cab . Sure, it was rush hour. Anyway, without comment. Could walk from daily toCórdoba and Callao, but it was a bit warm and was loaded. I decided to take a collective . Really, why spend on a taxi for twenty blocks! Then I remembered that I had nothing but a pathetic currency 5 centavos in his jacket pocket. I wanted to get change in two or three kiosks. They looked at me like I just stepped off a UFO. kept my foot up while grumbling because atechnology ancient could still get in check. Clink box.

phone line

9 – Phone line (1876) Despite the spread of mobile and Skype , the physical line still has a number of advantages . No runs low or no signal and works even if the light is cut. In my case, use only cell, but the physical line is still there for the internet service DSL . .

Magnetic Compass

10 – Magnetic Compass (1400 BC) In a story to tell soon (I’m doing some experiments yet, and are not easy at all) will compete how a digital compass and a magnetic, and why it is still more reliable . Not only for the reasons already cited in the case of the keys and the paper and pencil , but because it is much harder to get confused or need to be recalibrated.Given the consequences of choosing the wrong direction (geographically or in any other way), the magnetic compass remains, thanks to His unchanging and almost everlasting bond with Mother Earth , an unambiguous reference.

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