Top 6 Great Flags of the World

Top 6 Great Flags of the World

This is the list of flags over big world, we leave you with the list .


1 -. Morocco in May 2010, a Moroccan flag in an area of 60 thousand 409 meters and 20 tons was deployed in Dakhla (Western Sahara). The flag was extended in an open space in the neighborhood of Al Ghofran . The making of it, a perimeter of a mile , took three years of work and was organized by the Circle of the Young Democrats Moroccans (CJDM). .


2 – Mexico Flag Mexico ‘s largest in the world, placed in the town of Piedras Negras in Coahuila on 23 December 2010 . The native labarum measures 60 meters long and 34 wide and to lift 40 Dwight Clark Kids Jersey elements were needed Mexican Army . Moreover, the hook that was placed is the Earl Mitchell Jersey second largest in the world and the first in America with a weight of 160 tons so what is unique in the Mexican territory . It is made ??from steel, has to rays , special lighting and interior reinforcements to make it resistant winds over 190 kilometers per hour, earthquakes and high temperatures.


3 -. Lebanon On 10 October the flag of the world’s largest, according to the Guinness Record , appeared in Beirut in Martyrs’ Square. Measures 65 thousand 975 square meters with a length of 325 meters and 203 meters wide and was made ??by Ashraf Makarem and army Lebanese and Khaled Othman , in Rayak, Lebanon, as a symbol to end the war. .


4 – Israel ‘s 25 November 2007 the largest flag with a total area of 18 thousand 843 meters square was displayed on an airfield in Israel. To work it is needed more than five tons of fabric. It was used to commemorate 50 years of friendship between Israel and the Philippines . .

United States

5 – United States Entitled Super Flag , made ??by Ski Demski , measuring 153 meters by 69 meters and weighs 360 kilograms thousand. 500 people were needed to unfold. It has been present at sporting events and avenues of the United States .


6 -. Switzerland Climbers Swiss deployed the largest Swiss flag in the world on the rocky slope of Mount Saentis in Schwaegalp in Switzerland . The flag Earl Mitchell Authentic Jersey measures Earl Mitchell Womens Jersey 120 meters wide by 120 meters long and is the world’s second largest.

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